Youth Group

To further promote Chinese and Taoist culture, Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, president of the Taoist federation (Singapore), appealed for young Taoist devotees to join the Federation in the last issue of Taoist News magazine in 2005.

After a year of preparation, the youth group was formed by a group of young Taoists who are keen in Taoism. With the same mindset and vision, we begun our first footstep as the first Taoist youth group in Singapore and have worked our way up into recognitions for our efforts contributed in preserving our faiths.

The five main objectives of the youth group were formalized.


  • To promote Taoist Culture
  • To organize bonding activities
  • To develop youth Taoist Leaders
  • To promote religious harmony
  • To engage in community service

Over the years, our dynamic youth leaders had organized activities and events within and outside the Taoist community to promote and spread the knowledge of Taoism and the importance of inter-faiths to the members of the public. Today, our youth leaders have successfully reached out to the wider circle of the society to share about our faith and culture. We will continue to strive and make work hard in promoting our faiths.

At present Youth Group will continue to organize classes, such as Taoist basic understanding sharing, community outreach, overseas learning excursion, inter-faith dialog and many other exciting activities. We hope that temples can encourage their young followers, and parents to encourage their children to join us to learn more about our faith. Together, we can preserve and glorify our rich Taoist and Chinese Culture

Our Taoist youth management committee provides support, co-ordination and advice to the numbers of religious groups and organisation including our affiliation, Taoist Federation (Singapore).

The following is an overview of our core members in Taoist Federation Youth Group (Singapore)

3rd Executive Committee (2011 – 2013)

陈志伟, Aaron Tan
Chairman, Management Committee

龙仕庚, Long Say Keng Adrian
Vice Chairman, Management Committee

杨家贤, Yeo Kah Hean
Vice-Chairman, Management Committee

庄光栋(惟义), Chung Kwang Tong
Secretary-General, Management Committee

吴国梅, Wu Guo Mei May
Assistant Secretary-General, Management Committee

刘培华, Liu Peihua
Assistant Secretary-General, Management Committee

萧淑彬, Sally Siew
Treasurer, Management Committee

朱丽萱, Madeline Choo
Assistant Treasurer, Management Committee

洪盛榮, Ang Seng Yong
Head Of Events, Management Committee

陈奎融, Chin Kwee Yong
Head of Interfaith Relation, Management Committee

陈德伟, Tan Teck Hui
Head of Membership & Welfare, Management Committee

黄裕贤, Ng Joo Hean
Head of Logistic, Management Committee

许嫣儿, Koh Yaner
Management Committee Member

符之信, Foo Ser Seen
Management Committee Member

郭诚耀, Kwek Seng Yew
Management Committee Member

苏伟勋, Su Weixun Jason
Management Committee Member

吴秉恩, Goh Bing En Dempster
Management Committee Member

陈荣华, Eddy Tan
Management Committee Member