Two members from the Church of Singapore apologized to the Taoist Federation

On July 28th, Gan Shishun and Huang Aifang, members of the Church of Singapore(COS), publicly published disharmonious speech at their church gathering. The live video recording this gathering was uploaded and distributed on the Internet. Both Taoists and Buddhists felt astonished, even furious, for Gan’s slandering expression.

Under growing public pressure, on September 10th,  Gan Shishun took it on himself to apologize to delegates from Singapore Taoist Federation(STF) and Singapore Buddhist Federation(SBF). Two days later, Huang Aifang also came for the same purpose, accompanied by two church elders.

Master Guangpin from SBF condemned and refuted Gan’s slanders about the gods and buddhas. Later, Mr. Tan Thiam Lye, BBM(L), Chairman of SBF reiterated the importance and inviolability of The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (“MRHA”).  

The elders from  COS finally accepted the blame and presented their apology letters.

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