Gradual Resumption of Religious Activities

Here is further guidance on the gradual resumption of religious activities from MCCY.

1. Places of worship may re-open for private worship:
– Worshippers may only pray individually or together if they are members of the same household (capped at 5 persons).
– Up to 5 households for private worship at any one time, subject to adequate safe distancing.

2. Places of worship may also open for marriage solemnisations (capped at 10 persons), in addition to wakes and funerals (also capped at 10 persons).

3. Up to 5 persons on-site at any one time for the recording of religious services. No need to apply to MTI for Time-Limited Exemption (TLE).

4. All other workplace activities remain suspended, and will require a TLE if ROs need their staff to conduct them on-site.

5. ROs must submit their Safe Management Plans, including manpower deployment, to MCCY within two weeks of re-opening their place of worship and commencing the permitted activities.

Please see more details on pictures below.

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