History of Taoist Federation

  • One evening in 1989, a group consisted of members of the Singapore San Ching Taoism Association, Temple representatives, and enthusiasts gathered at Lucky Restaurant to brainstorm ideas to unite the Taoist community in Singapore. After much debate, the group decided to form a new Taoist organisation which would be called the Taoist Federation of Singapore. A preparatory committee was formed.


  • The preparatory committee presented the application forms for the establishment of “Taoist Federation (Singapore)” to the Registry of Societies (ROS).

2 Feburary

  • The Registry of Societies approved the application to form the Taoist Federation (Singapore).

11 March

  • The establishment of the Taoist Federation (Singapore) was announcedat the Tong Whye Temple in Jurong East. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Chua Kim Tiang, BBM(L). The founding Chairman of the Taoist Federation was Master Tan Kok Hian, PBM (representing the San Ching Taoism Association), Secretary-General was Mr. Lee Kim Tee (representing the Tiong Ghee Temple), and the Treasurer was Mr. Soh Thiam Seng (representing the Tong Whye Temple).

29 March

  • A three-days Taoist Cultural-Religious Exhibition was held at Tong Whye Temple to present the influence of Taoism on the eight major Chinese festivals.


  • The Taoist Federation formed a delegation to visit the White Cloud Temple in Beijing and also visited Taoist temples in Hong Kong.

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) conducted an Initiation Ceremony at Tong Whye Temple for individuals who wish to be formally initiated as a Taoist disciple.

3 – 7 May

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) organised a week-long religious services at Tuas Pek Kong Keng Temple. Taoist priests from the Beijing White Cloud Temple presided over the religious services.


  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) organised the Taoism Festival ’94 from 1-30 June 1994. The month-long event consisted of:
    1. Talk on “Taoism and Chinese Beliefs” in English and Mandarin at Westin Stamford Hotel and Singapore Conference Hall, on 4 June and 5 June 1994.
    2. Taoism Relics, Books and Paintings Exhibition held at the World Trade Centre in conjunction with the 1994 Chinese Book Fair. The exhibition took up 16 stands at the Book Fair between 11-19 June 1994.
    3. Praying Ceremony for the Dead which was held at the open field off Yishun Avenue 9 from 24-28 June 1994.

30 July

  • A seminar on “Taoism from the view of local writers” was held at the Furama Hotel. One of the speakers for the seminar was Dr. Yong Sai Shing from the Department of Chinese Studies, NUS.

27 August

  • A seminar on “Taoism from the perspectives of the Westerners” was held at the Furama Hotel. Speaker for the seminar was Prof. John Lagerway (France) and Prof. Stephen Teiser (USA).

3 September

  • A seminar on “Traditional ettiquettes of honoring the Deities” was conducted by Master Tan Khoon Yong at the Furama Hotel.

4 October

  • A seminar on “Taoism and Music” was conducted by Hong Kong scholar Prof. Cao Benzhi at Furama Hotel.

11 – 15 October

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) organised the Taoism Festival ’95 from 11-15 October 1995. The Beijing White Cloud Temple, Mount Wudang Taoist Association, and the Celestial Masters’ Mansion at Mount Longhu presided over the religious services at the open space adjacent to Tampines Avenue 9 and 12.

8 January

  • SilkAir Flight 185 was a scheduled SilkAir passenger flight operated by a Boeing 737-300 from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Singapore, that crashed into the Musi River near Palembang in southern Sumatra, on 19 December 1997, killing all 97 passengers and seven crew on board.

    Taoist Federation (Singapore) held a memorial service and religious service on the 21th day of the crash, on 8 January 2018.


  • The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic affected Singapore and Taoist Federation (Singapore) raised $100,000 towards assisting the SARS victims. The Taoist Federation also organised a 24-hours prayer service where more than a hundred Taoist priests conducted rituals to pray for the SARS virus to be eradicated.


  • The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami was triggered by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, and it turned out to be the deadliest on record. Over 226,000 people died, most of them from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Somalia and the Maldives.

    The Taoist Federation organised a “Prayer for World Peace” event with the ten main religious communities in Singapore and raised S$169,925 to the Singapore Red Cross for humanitarian and rescue efforts in places devastated and affected by the tsunami.

  • Chairman of the Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr. Tan Thiam Lye, was invited to join the National Council on Problem Gambling to prevent social problems caused by gambling after the casinos were built in Singapore.

13 March

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) organised a grand “Taoist Cultural Festival” next to the San Qing Gong Temple in Bedok. The Cultural Festival included a Prayer for World Peace event, martial arts demonstration by the Mount Wudang Taoist Association, and an exhibition on Taoism. Guest-of-Honour for the event was President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan.

The Taoist Federation Youth Group was officially formed in March 2007.

The National Steering Committee (NSC) on Racial and Religious Harmony was formed to build trust across racial and religious communities in Singapore.

Chairman Mr. Tan Thiam Lye and Vice-Chairman Mr. Ling Kin Huat was appointed to the NSC and NSC Working Committee respectively.

Members of the Taoist Federation (Singapore) were appointed as Licensed Solemnizers (LS) for civil marriages in Singapore.

The five representatives from the Taoist Federation appointed as LS are:

1. Mr. Tan Thiam Lye
2. Mr. Ling Kin Huat
3. Mr. Lim Siak Huay
4. Mr. Lim Kim Tiong
5. Mr. Long Say Keng, Adrian


  • The Taoist Federation organised a day of prayers and fund raising towards the victims of the Earthquake in Wenchuan area of Sichuan Province, China.

4 – 9 September

  • The Taoist Federation (Singapore) and the Hong Kong Fung Ying Seen Koon jointly organised The Multi-language Editions of the Dao De Jing exhibition at the Suntec Convention Centre from 4-9 September 2008. President SR Nathan was the Guest-of-Honour at the Opening Ceremony and many political leaders and religious leaders visited the exhibition. The event also won a Singapore Record for displaying the most editions of a single book on display. A total of 303 editions of the Dao De Jing were displayed at the exhibition.

21 December

  • Official opening of the Taoist College (Singapore) and San Qing Taoist Library at San Qing Gong Temple by Minister-of-State for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon.


  • Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan just before midnight on 7 August 2009, flooding the entire south of the country, and triggering mudslides. Taoist Federation (Singapore), together with the Singapore Buddhist Lodge and Jamiyah Singapore, raised S$201,080 which was presented to the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

16 – 22 December

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) worked with the Inter-Religious Organisation and the State Administration for Religious Affairs of China to organise the “China-Singapore Religious Cultural Exhibition 2009” at Suntec Convention Centre. Over a thousand religious artifacts were exhibited at the exhibition.


  • Chairman of the Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr Tan Thiam Lye, was elected the President of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO).


  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a Grand Interfaith Dinner at the Singapore Expo.


The Malaysia San Cheng Taoism Visited Taoist Federation of Singapore

The Malaysia San Cheng Taoism sent a delegation of 8 representatives to visit the Taoist Federation (Singapore) and Taoist College on 4 June 2011. They were here to study the development of Taoism in Singapore and observe the efforts of the Taoist groups in Singapore.

Mr. Tan Thiam Lye BBM, the Chairman of Taoist Federation had a dialogue with  the Taoist representatives from Malaysia San Cheng Taoism. Both groups shared best practices and experience in propagating Taoism. After teh meeting, the delegation visited the Taoist College, San Qing Gong temple and Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple.


President Dr. Tony Tan was invited to attend the celebration for birthday of Taoism Ancestor Taishang Lao Jun and prayed for the world peace, racial and religious harmony.

On the evening of 16th March 2012, Taoist Federation (Singapore) held a grand celebration “Taoist Interfaith Dinner” at Singapore Convention Centre to celebrate the holy birthday of Taishang Lao Jun and to pray for world peace, racial and religious harmony. Singapore President Dr. Tony Tan was invited as guest of honour and together with other religion group leaders, he lighted the candle to symbolize “Peace” and “Harmony”.


Taoist Federation (Singapore) representative attended the “2nd International Ecological Security and Old Age Health Forum”

26th-30th June, International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization, Tao Holy City Ecological Culture Centre, China International Studies Foundation Ecological Security Centre and Enwei Group jointly organized the “2nd International Ecological Security and Old Age Health Forum”.

Taoist Federation (Singapore) Vice President, Singapore Taoist College Vice President Mr Ling Kin Huat PBM was invited to attend the forum. The forum mainly discussed about this three topics; Taoist Concept and Ecological Security Research, Taoist Health Concept and Old-Age Health Research and Modern Intepretation of Taoist Concept. The objective is to provide intellectual support and solution to solve the ecological crisis society and disharmonious ecological concept present in modern society.


5th August, Taoist Federation (Singapore) held the first Members’ Interaction Meeting, co-hosted by President Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, Committee Member Mr Chen Yingxi, Mr Guo Guangzhan and Mr Lim Zhi Cheng.

The objective of this meeting is to build a two way communication platform to understand the needs of the members and to let the newly joined members to understand the function of Taoist Federation (Singapore). At the same time, Taoist Federation (Singapore) also answered various queries raised by members and collected suggestions to improve the service of Taoist Federation (Singapore).

10th October

After the election held on 10th October at the General Meeting, the 12th Committee was formed. Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, from Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple, was re-elected as the President.

2012 is the 900th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Taoism Quanzhen Clan, Wang Chong Yang. On 29th October, Chinese Taoist Association held a celebration at the “Chongyang Gong” at Huyi District, Shanxi Province, to commemorate the birth of Wang Chong Yang, the founder Taoism Quanzhen Clan. Treasurer of Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr Lim Xi Hui, Public Relation Officer of Tuas Pek Kong Keng, Mr Huang Song, represented Taoist Federation (Singapore) to participate the grand celebration and to send sincere wishes.


Taoist Federation (Singapore) attended Thailand Taoist Hua Guang Bao Dian Celebration

3rd to 5th January- A series of activities was held to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Thailand Taoist Hua Guang Bao Dian. The celebration include the opening of the Tai Shang Thanksgiving Prayer Ceremony, Chinese Taoist Association and Huachiew Chalermprakiet University Scripture Giving Ceremony, Wudang Martial Arts and Musical Instrument Performances and Taoist and People’s Livelihood Talk and so on. Taoist Federation (Singapore) was also invited to the celebration.


Taoist Federation (Singapore) attended the establish of Hong Kong Taoist Day Celebration

Hong Kong has set the second Tuesday of March of each year as “Taoist Day” to celebrate the birth of Taoist Founder and to preach Taoism value. 16th to 18th March, Hong Kong ushered in the first “Taoist Day”. The Hong Kong Taoist Association held a grand celebration at the Roman Square at Kowloon Park and also hosted the 13th Hong Kong Taoist Float Parade, Taoist Federation (Singapore) Youth Club participated in the float parade.


President Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM was re-appointed as the Director of the Singapore Office of the Hantian Shifu Office in Long Hu Shan, Ying Tan City, Jiangxi Province, China.

17th November (the 15th day of the 10th month of Lunar Calendar), President of Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, was invited to participate in the Yuan Festival in Long Hu Shan, China. During the celebration, Vice President of Chines Taoist Association, President of Jiangxi Province Taoist Association, Priest Zhang Jintao of Long Hu Shan Han Tian House presented the Certificate of Appointment to Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, re-appointing him as the Director of the Singapore Office of the Hantian Shifu in Long Hu Shan, Ying Tan City, Jiangxi Province, China.


  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) held 2014 Lunar Chinese New Year Gathering

2nd February, Lunar Calendar 3rd day of 1st month, Taoist Federation (Singapore) held the annual Lunar New Year Group Celebration. The celebration started with a series of lion dance performances. Committee members and members of Taoist Federation (Singapore), members of Inter-Religious Organisation gathered  together in this joyous event to exchange greetings and well wishes.

  • Taoist Representatives from China, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau, visited Taoist Federation (Singapore)

28th February- 3rd March, Taoist representatives from various places such as “Qing Song Guan” Hong Kong, “Fei Yan Tong” Hong Kong, “Shen Shang Zhen Tang” Hong, “Luo Fu Shang Huang Long Shan Huang Long GU Guan” Hong Kong, “Chun Yang Guan” Guangzhou, Macao Taoist Association and also Taoist representatives from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,  visited Taoist Federation (Singapore).

Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, President of Taoist Federation (Singapore) warmly welcome the visitors. Everyone gathered to exchange views on topics such as economic welfare and Taoist education, and looked forward to future collaboration.

April- May

  • Life Point organized “Four Main Religion Talks about Death” Series of Talk

In order to change human’s view about death and to demonstrate respect for life, Life Point held a series of talk from April to May.

During the period, religious staff from Taoist Temple, Buddhist Temple, Catholic Church, Muslim Mosque made a wondering sharing with the audience. From different religion’s perspective and beliefs, they analyze how one should face the issue of death and how to put a complete end to life.
Although the religion views are different, they shared the same belief. They unanimously encourage the audience to be positive and optimistic about life and to live life to the fullest.

Founded in February 2013, Life Point is a community initiative started by Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services

  • Taoist Federation (Singapore) participated in the first “Heritage in Harmony Exhibition”

On 31st May, Singapore first “Heritage in Harmony Exhibition” was held at Singapore Post Centre Fullerton. Emeritus Senior Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong, attended the opening ceremony as guest of honor. Professor Fatimah Lateef, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade Group Representation Consitituency was one of the distinguished guest who attended the exhibition. President of Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, and group attended the event too.


29th June, Taoist Federation (Singapore) held the 2014 General Meeeting at San Qing Gong “Xuan Miao Tang”. Nearly fifty members attended this General Meeting.

On the day itself, the 12th Committee President Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM presented the opening speech. In his speech, Mr Tan commented that Taoist Federation (Singapore) had flourished over the past two years, giving his thanks to the strong support and unity of all members. Mr Tan believed that the next elected round of committee members will bring Taoist Federation (Singapore) to greater level.

During the General Meeting, the Selection Committee, under the lead of Mr Fang Rong Gui, successfully elected the new 13th Committee.


In order to aid the refugees in Syria, Singapore Islamic Teaching Agency “Simply Islam” and Muslim Foreign Professional Network “Mex” jointly started “Aid to Syrian Refugees in Turkey”. The objective of the aid is to provide education assistance and living necessities to the Syrian Refugees in Turkey.

7th August, Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, President of Taoist Federation (Singapore) and President of Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Mr Lee Mu Yuan, jointly donated to ASRIT. Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, said that charity has no national boundary and love does not distinguish between ethnic groups. Although Taoism believers are mainly Chinese, but whenever people of other races or religions need help, Taoist Federation (Singapore) will lend a helping hand.


Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM and group attended the 3rd International Taoism Forum

25th to 26th November, President of Taoist Federation (Singapore), Mr Tan Thiam Lye BBM, and entourage, travelled to Mount Longhu, Jianxi, China,  to participate the 3rd International Taoism Forum. The forum was jointly organized by Chinese Taoist Association and China Religion Culture Exchange Association, undertook by International Taoist Forum, Jiangxi Organizing Committee. It is a major event in the worldwide Taoist community, attracting more than 2,500 Taoist priests, leaders, expert and media from different countries and regions.

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