Inauguration Ceremony of the 16th Council of Taoist Federation (Singapore) Successfully Held

On 22 November 2020, Legal Advisor Mr. Choo Si Sen JP BBM presided over the inauguration ceremony of the 16th Council of the Taoist Federation (Singapore) that was held at the seminar hall of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple. During the ceremony Legal Advisor Mr. Choo witnessed the handover ceremony of the Treasurer together with Mr. Tan Thiam Lye BBM(L) President of the Taoist Federation (Singapore)


After the handover ceremony, the council members faced the statue of Daode Tianzun and swore an oath to promote the development of Taoism , contribution to the country and society and to promote religious and ethnic harmony.

During Mr. Tan Thiam Lye’s address he thanked Mr. Choo Si Sen JP BBM and the council members for taking their time off to attend the ceremony and emphasized on the importance of promoting the Taoist Faith and also at the same time the importance of strengthening racial and religious harmony. Towards the end of his speech he stresses the importance of the safe management measures and the safe distancing to the members and representatives.

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