Taoist Federation Singapore

Taoist Federation was founded in 1990 our local priests and devotee, and it is the only national-level organisation for our Taoists in Singapore. The application to register the “Taoist Federation (Singapore)” was submitted to the Registry of Societies in June 1989, and was approved in February 1990. On 11 March 1990, a meeting was scheduled to official announce the establishment of the Taoist Federation (Singapore) followed by the appointment ceremony.  Master Tan Kok Hean, PBM was appointed as the chairman and the committee members were appointed from the representative of the various temples.

Mr. Tan Thiam Lye, BBM took over as the chairman of the Taoist Federation in 2002. With the strong support from devotees and the public both locally, overseas, and the hard work of our committee members, the Federation promotes Taoism internationally through exchange programmes, and we also work closely with various organisations including government agencies to serve the community and benefitting all mankind.

In the same year, our magazine titled 《狮城道教》 (Journal of Taoism) was published to create a channel for public to understand Taoism and to appreciate the Taoist culture. The Taoist Federation is also active in promoting Inter-faith understanding between the various religious communities in Singapore.

Our aims:

  • To  promote,   organise  or   finance  educational, cultural,   social,   and  other  activities  for  greater  public   awareness,   understanding   of   the Taoist  culture  and  traditions.
  • To  encourage,   finance  or  undertake  research related  to   the  Taoist  culture  and  traditions.
  • To  organise,   participate,   or  help   in   the community  and  welfare   service.
  • To  do  all  such  other  things  as   are   incidental  or conducive   to   the  above  objects   or  any  of   them.
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