Taoist History

Taoist is the indigenous religion of Chinese. The key purpose of the religion is to learn the “Dao”, cultivate the “Dao” and practice the “Dao”. As “Dao” is a central to belief of this faith, the religion is called “Daoism” or “Taoism”.

Taoism has existed since the time of the Yellow Emperor some 4,700 years ago.

The history of Taoism stretches throughout Chinese history. Originating in prehistoric China, it has exerted a powerful influence over Chinese culture throughout the ages. Taoism evolved in response to changing times, its doctrine and associated practices revised and refined.

Laozi is traditionally regarded as the founder of Taoism and is closely associated in this context with Taoism.

Promoted by Lao Tzu during the Spring and Autumn period, it was organized as a religious movement during later years of the Eastern Han Dynasty by Celestial Master Zhang Daoling.

The Taoist Calendar is a system used by Taoists. It is based on a cycle of sixty years, and modelled after the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The first year of the Taoist Calendar dated back to the first year of the Regime of the Yellow Emperor (2697BC). The year 2019 is the 4716th year of the Taoist Calendar.

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