Taoist Initiation Ceremony (Chuan Du) 2017

The 3rd Initiation Ceremony (Chuan Du) was held on 1 October 2017 at Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association. It was organised in conjunction with Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple’s 100th Anniversary celebrations.

Priests from the Mount Longhu Celestial Masters’ Mansion came to preside the Initiation Rites, and more than a hundred Singaporeans participated in the ceremony to be formally recognised as a Taoist disciple under the Taoist Zheng-yi Tradition. Mount Longhu, also known as Longhu Shan, is located in Jiangxi Province, China. It is one of the birthplaces of Taoism and it is an important centre to the Taoist Zheng-yi Tradition. Celestial Master Zhang Daoling (Zhang Daoling Tianshi) was the founder of the Way of the Celestial Masters Tradition (Zheng-yi Dao), which is also known as the Five Pecks of Rice Tradition (Wudou Mi Dao).

The ceremony started early in the morning with a lecture by Master Zeng Guangliang, followed by the traditional rites and the presentation of Initiation Certificates (du-die). Disciples also took refuge in the Taoist Three Treasures (Dao, Scripture, Master), and also took the nine precepts and 12 vows.


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