Sichuan Earthquake

Condolence and salvation-Taoist Federation Singapore organises prayer for Sichuan Earthquake victims.

A devastating earthquake had hit Sichuan province in China, taking away countless life and homes of the victims. Leaving survivors homeless and helpless. Children were separated from their parents.

For soul salvation, Taoist Federation Singapore together with a few priests had collaborated for a joint “Salvation ritual” for the victims of Sichuan province, on 7, 8 Jun 2008.

7 Jun 9am – 4.30pm, Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association prayer group
7 Jun 5pm – 10pm, Hakka priests
8 Jun 10am – 1pm, Hainanese Priests
8 Jun 2pm – 4pm, Hokkian Priests
8 Jun 6pm – 10pm, Cantonese Priests

Public could also join in the ritual and mourn for the victims.

Let us stay strong and sent the soul of victims off to the other world. We had also finished our donation drive, on the 30th June, for the Sichuan victims and had sent the raised amount to the China Embassy. We thank all temple and devotees for their response and we had raised amount of S$337,361.00.

On the 2nd July, Our chairman, and various committee members had gather and met up with the China ambassador at the China embassy and present the donation. Ambassador Zhang express gratitude towards the actions and commented, those activity will surely strengthen the relationship between both countries.

Our Chairman sincerely wishes for speedy recovery and rebuilding of homes for the remaining survivor of the devastating disaster.

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